Researcher, Lecturer in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Applied Mechanics of Tumors, Polymer and Sol-Gel Science, Membranes, Cryo SEM, Mathematical Modeling, Optics at Johns Hopkins University


Current Research Objectives

 Current objectives are to lead and manage research teams in medicine, water and energy. Specific areas of interest currently are:

  • Physics of Soft Matter, Cancer: Applied mechanics of tumor microenvironments. Collaboration with Brady Urological Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
  • Water Purification and Energy: Fundamentals of nano-to-microstructure evolution in anti-fouling membranes for ultrafiltration, desalination prepared by phase separation, and interfacial polymerization routes using cryo-HRSEM, other tools (HR: high resolution). Memes are applicable to gas separation too. Interaction with JHU Global Water Program.
  • Medicine: Fundamentals of polymeric and colloidal biomaterial formation (e.g., hydrogels) in ocular drug delivery and tissue engineering applications. Interaction with Wilmer Eye Institute, JHU School of Medicine.
  • Better membrane technology through science to meet 21st century global needs; better targeted drug delivery in medicine from the physical sciences perspective.
  • Theoretical modeling of transport through porous media, phase separation, stress development, particle mechanics
  • Interfacing academic and industrial research; education; scientific writing and journal editing; green technologies


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