Research Scientist and Educator in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Polymer-Ceramic Nanocomposite Membrane
Science & Technology, Applied Mechanics of Tumors, Mathematical Modeling, Cryo-SEM, and Experimental Optics

Former research and teaching faculty member at Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering; industrial staff scientist

Awards, Recognition, Honors

1.   Research and Development Magazine R&D 100 Award in 1996 for Development of the Low-Temperature/Pressure Process to Produce Aerogel in Bulk and Thin Film form which eliminates expensive, high-pressure, high-temperature processing in favor of standard laboratory glassware, simple procedures and conventional drying at room temperature and pressure.

2.   United States Basic Energy Sciences — Department of Energy (BES-DOE) Award in 1994 for Significant Implication for Department of Energy – Related Technologies in Metallurgy and Ceramics: Ambient-Pressure Aerogels: Thin Film and Bulk.

3.  Masters research has been cited more than 325 times during 1995–2011.  Extensive media coverage of research: (i) Fricke, J, “Materials Science: Superexpansive Gels”, NATURE 374: 409-410 1995, (ii) Naj, AK, “Scientists Close in on Practical Aerogels, Insulation that’s almost as Light as Air”, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, page B6, Thursday March 30, 1995, (iii) CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS, April 3, 1995, p. 19, (iv) German, J, “Spongy new aerogels shrink, spring back to form:  After 60 years, novelty materials may find some intriguing uses”, SANDIA LAB NEWS 47: (10) 1-4 May 12, 1995, (v) THE ECONOMIST, “Puffed up with importance”, May 27, 1995, p. 74.


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